How to make a square or rectangular pillow will take a few minutes to make it ready. It is the simplest to do and the one that will take you least time to elaborate it. You decide the size of the pillow, taking into account that about that size you will have to increase one centimeter to all the measurements

To sew you must do it in a straight line, the outer face of your pillow in this case must be inside when sewing the fabric. Fold the edges to make the linear seam. Remember to leave the seam allowance of approximately one centimeter. Once you have sewn three sides of your fabric, turn it over to leave the outside of your pillow on the outside.



This type of pillows are widely used to decorate the living room of the house. Change those old pillows that have lost their color knowing how to make a felt pillow. You do not need to be an expert to make decoration with this material. It’s about creating a pillow design that you have previously made with a stiffer fill.

Cut two rectangles of felt a centimeter larger than the size of your pillow. Sew the felt on your pillow, with the same shape that you sewed the last side of your pillow before. You can make different designs with the felt.

Create the shapes, stick or paste them on your pillow and finish an amazing design for your living room. You can play with the design by making a decoration on your pillow with circles or colored lines. The felt will give your creativity freedom to know how to make a pillow with this material.


But we do not always get to sleep quickly. Sometimes it is necessary to quiet the mind to be able to fall asleep.

Whether you can not find a comfortable and appropriate position for you during the night, as if you want to enjoy a little more comfort in your naps, or just want to read or watch TV in a comfortable way during your weekend break, This full-length pillow can love you.


Then, cut the fabric with those measurements and hem on all four sides to prevent fraying. Choose the fabric that best matches the bedroom where it will be placed and the one you like most. As it will have the shape of a candy, the fun prints will always be better, with pastel tones and cheerful motifs. However, a monochrome fabric with fun ribbons at the ends can also look great.

If you have a cylindrical cushion, you will only have to ‘cover’ or upholster it with the new fabric, but if you want to do it from 0, fill in the inside with padding and then wrap it with the fabric. In this step, let the kids help you, because with four hands it will be better than just two. With your help, fasten the ends with a rubber band and then stitch them for better.


Star Pillow


Splatoon Squid Pillow


Robot Pillow



The first, but, will also be to choose the fabric. For example, you can choose one fabric for the main section of the cover, another to make a curb in the openings and one last to add decorative elements. If this last idea is the one that you want to follow, then the best thing is that your fabrics are of solid color, and of a palette that combines, or that the prints are not excessive.