There are all kinds of pillows and travel is usually one of the most important. Indispensable for a long trip, they come at a high cost so we will show you how to make a travel pillow. You can give more use to part of the trips, like for example, to watch television.

Remember that you choose the type of fabric. For this type of pillow we recommend using two different colors to have a good design. To begin, you must make the drawing of the shape of your pillow on a piece of card a centimeter larger than the one indicated. Cut out the drawing and place it on the fabrics. This is one of the most original ways to make a pillow.

On each canvas, with a chalk, draw the outline of the cardboard. Cut out each of the drawings and place each piece of cloth one on top of the other. Do not forget to put the outer faces inside the seam that you are going to make. This time it is better to use a sewing machine. Sew the fabric leaving a small space to fill it.

Before starting to fill, you must turn the pillow over to leave the outer faces in view. Fill the pillow with wadding, but avoid filling too much or it may be uncomfortable for your trip. Once you have filled in completely, sew the last part of your pillow and you will be ready to travel!