The first, but, will also be to choose the fabric. As it is a pillow for aesthetic purposes, take the opportunity to choose a design with interesting patterns or patterns or, directly, create your own. For example, you can choose one fabric for the main section of the cover, another to make a curb in the openings and one last to add decorative elements. If this last idea is the one that you want to follow, then the best thing is that your fabrics are of solid color, and of a palette that combines, or that the prints are not excessive.

The next step will be to cut the fabric to the proper size. For a normal pillow, we will need the main fabric to measure 65 × 110 centimeters, the fabric of the edges 30 × 110 centimeters and the one of the decorations 50 × 110 centimeters. When we have them, we will iron them all and the fabric will be folded in half and we will mark the fold with the iron.

Then, we will place the second fabric inside out and we align the fabric of ornaments on the lower edge. Then we put on top, also aligning it to the lower edge, the main piece of fabric. We proceed to fix the position with some needles. Place the piece of medium fabric with the front facing up on your work surface. Align the appliqué fabric with the edge of the median piece, so that the cut sides are on the outside and the edge folded on the inside. Finally, stretch the large piece over the medium and decorative fabrics, with the front facing down.

Very carefully, we will take the opposite end of the main fabric and start to roll until it is an inch of our needles. Without letting go, we will fold the medium fabric over that “roll” and until we reach the edge. Now, we will hold everything with more needles.

It’s time to sew this edge we’ve made. We can do it both by machine and by hand, the important thing is that the seam is a centimeter and a half from the edge of the fabric. You will also have to make sure that we sew all the layers of fabric and that the seam is as straight as possible.

We go back very carefully to undo the roll of cloth. The idea is to turn it around so that the inner fabric, the big one, comes out. We stretch gently and iron the sheath so that all pieces of cloth are smooth and without needles. If we have done well so far, we can begin to appreciate the finish of our design.

Now we only have to have our fabric decorated, all finished making the cover. To do this, we will fold the fabric inwards, with the back facing out, and we will sew one of the edges corresponding to the length and another of the width. The edge on which is the beautiful decorated hem we have made is the one that should remain open.

For final only we have to return to the return to the case and iron for the last time, ready!