Before starting we have to gather the necessary materials:

One or several cylinder-shaped cushions
Padding for cushions (synthetic cotton, miraguano …)
A printed fabric that matches the bedroom where it will be placed
Colored satin, lace or felt ties
Scissors and a sewing box
First, choose the dimensions you want for your candy pillow. If it is going to be for a crib, the size should be smaller, whereas if it is going to be placed in a bed of an older child, it will have to have a greater length that, at least, covers half of the bed. The standard measurements could be 44 × 48 cm, but you can adapt them as you prefer.

Then, cut the fabric with those measurements and hem on all four sides to prevent fraying. Choose the fabric that best matches the bedroom where it will be placed and the one you like most. As it will have the shape of a candy, the fun prints will always be better, with pastel tones and cheerful motifs. However, a monochrome fabric with fun ribbons at the ends can also look great.

If you have a cylindrical cushion, you will only have to ‘cover’ or upholster it with the new fabric, but if you want to do it from 0, fill in the inside with padding and then wrap it with the fabric. In this step, let the kids help you, because with four hands it will be better than just two. With your help, fasten the ends with a rubber band and then stitch them for better.

To avoid seeing the thread and rubber, place a ribbon over it and make a ribbon. It can be to your taste (matte, bright, lace, satin …) will give the final touch to make it look like a real candy.