But we do not always get to sleep quickly. Sometimes it is necessary to quiet the mind to be able to fall asleep.

Whether you can not find a comfortable and appropriate position for you during the night, as if you want to enjoy a little more comfort in your naps, or just want to read or watch TV in a comfortable way during your weekend break, This full-length pillow can love you.

This cushion is very flexible, so it adapts to the natural position of your body and allows you to hold yourself in a comfortable position. Also, it is perfect for breastfeeding, or simply to accommodate children during a nap.

– Two or three meters of fabric (choose an elastic fabric, not rigid)
– Thread
– Scissors
– Wadding (or the filling you prefer)
– Paper
– Pins
– Sewing machine (or you can do it by hand)

1. On paper, create your own mold according to the measurements and exact shape you want to give your pillow. In the images, you can see the references to make one of about 58 centimeters long, in the form of “C”, like the one you can see in the images below.

2. With your mold, cut two pieces of fabric equal, the size and shape of your pillow.

3. Join both pieces with pins. If you want to round the edges, mark the definitive shape now and cut out the surplus.

4. Sew both pieces together, leaving some ends open to fill.

5. Fill with wadding or with the material you prefer, and stitch the openings.

6. Ready! You can wash it with the filling inside, but also, if you make a very large pillow, you can place a zipper on it to remove the filling when you want to wash it. Another option is to cut the mold twice in different fabrics; and that the largest is a washable cover that is closed with buttons and you can remove when you want.