How to make a square or rectangular pillow will take a few minutes to make it ready. It is the simplest to do and the one that will take you least time to elaborate it. You decide the size of the pillow, taking into account that about that size you will have to increase one centimeter to all the measurements

To sew you must do it in a straight line, the outer face of your pillow in this case must be inside when sewing the fabric. Fold the edges to make the linear seam. Remember to leave the seam allowance of approximately one centimeter. Once you have sewn three sides of your fabric, turn it over to leave the outside of your pillow on the outside.

If wrinkles have been created on the fabric, this is the time when you must iron before filling it. Take the fill you have chosen, whether cotton, feathers or pieces of cloth. Evenly fill the pillow until you finish trying not to leave gaps in the pillow. To finish, the edge that you have left for the last side, bend it inwards, making sure that the edge is well hidden.

Your pillow will be ready in minutes. The filling of your pillow can vary depending on the use you are going to give it. If it is for rest try to use cotton and do not fill too much to avoid it is very hard and uncomfortable leaving your head very high. Knowing how to make a pillow is not complicated to learn.